The Consortium

The Consortium of Local Medical Committees in Lancashire & Cumbria is a federation of four autonomous Local Medical Committees within Lancashire and Cumbria. It is an umbrella organisation providing services to 1800 GPs and 300 practices. This enables a critical mass of support, specialisation and expertise to be provided to the four LMCs, their General Practitioners and Practices. This is of benefit in dealing with high level negotiations with NHS England Area Teams, Clinical Commissioning Groups and other statutory bodies. It is also vital in providing the necessary level of support to individual GPs and practices.

The Chairmen and Treasurers of the LMCs meet with the officers of the Consortium to set the direction of travel and agree service priorities, share approaches to policy issues and exchange views. The budget for the Consortium Office is also approved at this level. LMCs determine their own budgets and working arrangements.

The Consortium has its base at an office in Broughton with a satellite office in Carlisle. It is led by Peter Higgins, Chief Executive, who is also secretary to the four LMCs.

Basically each Liaison Officer, in addition to being the principle point of contact for an LMC, takes responsibility for leading on a specific area of work. The two Heads of Service share responsibility across the whole of the geographic patch. Stephen leads on external affairs and partnerships with other organisations. Duncan leads on all matters relating to practices.

As always, in a rapidly changing environment, we are constantly evolving our roles, responsibilities and portfolios to meet the needs of our members. We provide a range of services to individual GPs and practices as set out in the service section of the website.