What We Do

Whenever appropriate the LMCs will define and support the profession’s viewpoints where this reflects good medical practice and is in the best interest of patient care on all matters affecting the delivery of medical services.

The representative role of LMCs extends to all matters concerning GPs, whether as providers or commissioners of services and in their individual professional role.

Administration of the Contract

  • Development of the GP contract both GMS and PMS
  • Development of the enhanced services portfolio
  • NHS complaints procedure and performance issues
  • Statement of Financial Entitlement (SFE) and NHS Regulatory framework
  • Quality and Outcomes Framework
  • Impact of secondary care issues

Professional Issues

  • Education / Training / CPD
  • Appraisal / Revalidation
  • Occupational health and sick doctor support
  • Workforce issues
  • Employment and practice staffing
  • Promoting Good Medical Practice

As such the LMCs are engaged in ongoing discussions and negotiations with the Area Team of NHS England on the development and interpretation of contractual issues and on major policies and strategies affecting general practice. The LMCs actively support individual GPs regarding their remuneration, helping deal with complaints, premises and partnership issues and any disputes between the GP and the Area Team or CCG.