We are really pleased to be able to welcome Dr Nigel Watson to meet with colleagues from across Lancashire and Cumbria to hear your thoughts about the GP partnership review.

We will be hosting an evening event at Farington Lodge on the 19th September with food being served at 6pm with the meeting to start at 6.30pm. Please can you let me know if you would like to attend as spaces are limited. 

Please find attached the flyer for the event.

Dr Watson, LMC Secretary and Chief Executive at Wessex LMCs, has been asked by the Secretary of State for Health to Chair a review of the partnership model for general practice. The review will examine the challenges facing the partnership model and consider how best to reinvigorate and equip it to help lead the transformation of general practice for the future.

To this end Dr Watson has developed a series of questions that would assist him in understanding the thoughts of all GPs in England. The LMC has put together a survey monkey encompassing all of Dr Watson’s questions and would be very grateful if you could spend some time in answering them. I appreciate that time is of a premium to yourselves but this is a real opportunity to have input into future policy. The more responses we receive the more robust response we can send back in our feedback to him. Please find attached the GP partnership review for your information.

Please note you do not have to answer all the questions and may wish to select only those that are pertinent to your own situation.


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