Business Management

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Business Support

Interim Practice Management Support

The LMC can provide some short-term Practice Management support to Practices. This service is available to support strategic management  to Practices during times of crisis i.e. CQC Compliance issues etc.

Interim Financial Management Support

The LMC provides a locum Financial Management service to Practices who need additional support on their accounting processes, for example:

  • Bringing accounts up to date
  • Changing to a new accounting system (LMC Excel Package)
  • Income and Expenditure forecasting and monthly reporting

Service Development Advice

The LMC can offer general advice and support on developing new ways of working to support the future development of NHS Primary Care. This can include changes to the operational structure of general practice, allowing the Practice Management role to be prepared for the future, by developing 3 core functions of General Practice i.e.

  • Day to day operational management
  • Financial Management and reporting
  • Business Development

This could be of potential interest to Practices with current, or future Practice Manager Vacancies

Business Planning

Primary Care Additional Services

The LMC can provide a review of all additional services being delivered by General Practice and provide a report on the viability/profitability of continuing with some of these services, as a stand alone Practice, federation, or by utilizing the time spent on these services to develop longer term projects ( transfer of acute services to Primary Care).

Business Opportunities

The LMC provides Senior Management support service to Practices by facilitating joint working with local Practices and the CCG to identify potential services that could be piloted in Primary Care. This would include looking at the local needs of Practices and CCG priorities and agreeing on a development plan to take this work forward.

Business Cases

The LMC provides Senior Management support services to Practices on the development of Business Cases to secure funding from the CCG; in order to provide services as agreed withing the development plan.

Practice Networking

The LMC provides Senior Management support services and guidance on Practices working together. This can be at the intial level of collaboration, right through the process to setting up a Community Interest, or Limited Company.

Business Development

Pre-Implementation of Pilot Schemes/Projects

The LMC provides Senior Management support services on the pre-implemention of Pilot schemes/Projects. This is from the initial stage of CCG approval, to setting up the full infrastructure to deliver the service for example:

  • Staff recruitment/HR
  • Administrative systems
  • Accommodation
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Purchasing
  • Protocols/Pathways
  • Templates to support the delivery of the service
  • Training/Education
  • Interim contracts on joint working (if business not established at the point of implementation)

Post Implementation

The LMC provides Senior Management support services on Post Implementation of Pilot schemes/Projects, preparing Practices to deliver/expand services on a longer term basis, including procurement where approprite.

Business Expansion

The LMC can support groups of Practices over the next 5 years to support the NHS 5 Year View:

  • Integrated out of Hospital Care – Practices combine with nurses, other community health services, hospital specialist, and perhaps mental health and social care to create intergrated out of hospital care.
  • Primary & Acute Care Systems – Combining General Practice and hopital services, similar to the Accounting Care organisations now developing in other countries.
  • The Multidisciplinary Community Provider – The employment of hospital consultants – having admitting rights to hospital beds, run community hospitals, or take delegated control of the NHS budget.

Business Evaluation/Outcomes

Business Evaluations/Outcomes (Reporting)

  • The LMC  provides Senior Management support services to Practices on the monitoring of Pilot schemes/Projects. This can be provided monthly, Quarterly or annually.
  • The LMC provides Senior Management support services at the post pilot stage of the project, putting forward outcomes and recommendations to the CCG; to support future expansion, or procurement of the service.

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