The LMC, who is the statutory body established to represents GPs as providers, is actively involved in responding to all local and national consultations, particularly where they impact on general practice. It is vitally important that the views of grass roots GPs are listened to and we encourage active participation in these processes by all our members.

There is much emphasis on moving services out of secondary care into primary care and the LMC is at the heart of all such discussions in local health communities. The Fylde Coast “Future of Older People’s Rehabilitation Services” and the Care Closer to Home initiative in Cumbria are good examples of this. As acute services are coming under increasing scrutiny (Morecambe Bay, North Cumbria, East Lancs Hospital Trusts) it is expected that whole health community strategic shifts will take place. The LMC will take a very close interest in ensuring that primary care is recognised as a key element of these changes and is supported and resourced to the required level.

We are proactive in the local health community in responding to all relevant consultations via the 4 LMCs.  A recent example is the proposals for the new dementia services across Lancashire.

On a national basis the LMC responds, again through the 4 LMCs, to consultations that have an impact on general practice. Major consultations took place with regard to the White Paper and implementation of the current health reforms, changes to the organisation and management of QOF and the Pharmacy White Paper.


  • The Future of General Practice – NHS England “Call to Action” Consultation

This consultation has now closed.

Outcome – Improving General Practice – A Call to Action – Phase 1 report

There are no current consultations.

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We would welcome your views on these issues so that we can incorporate them into the LMC response.

Any party that wishes to submit their written views, feedback, evidence or that has any queries in relation to this work, please email, or write to:

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