Local Negotiations

With the formation of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and NHS England Area Team the 5 LMCs have developed structures to ensure that they can meet the challenges during these times of constant change. These structures have been developed to enable local issues to be discussed with the relevant body, for example; Local Enhanced Services, GP contractual issues.

Meetings take place on a regular basis with the CCGs and the Area Team to ensure a thorough communication channel is maintained and that formal agreements are reached between all parties.

The LMC supports individual GPs and practices with any issue they may have and will negotiate with the relevant body to assist with the resolution of it.

National Negotiations

The General Practitioner Committee (GPC) is a standing committee of the BMA and is acknowledged to be the sole negotiating body for GPs working in the NHS. The LMC is the vehicle by which GPs can express their views, either individually or through their elected LMC members. Lancashire Coastal LMC has an elected GPC representative who can feed back views of local GPs at a national level.

Policy recommendations and decisions are established during the Annual Conference of LMCs when delegates from LMCs across the country spend two days debating issues related to all aspects of the delivery of Primary Care. Cumbria and Lancashire LMCs send a number of delegates to the conference who present motions that have been submitted from the area. The motions at the conference reflect the concerns of “grass root” GPs and directly influence the national policy negotiations undertaken by the GPC with the Department of Health.

A Charter for Primary Care

We at the LMC have been working hard to try and encapsulate the essence of General Practice and key messages we would want to give to Health and Social Care Partners as we move forward to Integrated Care Partnerships. We suspect that colleagues in the Acute community and local authorities do not really understand General Practice, the independent nature of contract holders and the extreme pressures we are facing. We have therefore produced this document, agreed through all of the LMCs, and will be promoting it in all our interactions with Commissioners and Health and Social Care providers.

Download the Charter for General Practice.